In all aspects of our business, William Johnson Construction is committed to providing exceptional customer service and value for our clients. Our extensive experience in site preparation has established us as your service provider in Southwestern Ontario.

In addition, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) installed on our equipment enables us to increase the overall accuracy of the job.


Industrial Site Works

  • Bio-Amber Site Grading, Sarnia, ON
  • DiCiocco Farms Greenhouse Expansion, Leamington, ON
  • Innovation Park, London, ON
  • Tillsonburg Airport Expansion, Tillsonburg, ON
  • Norwich Waste Water Treatment Plant, Oxford County, ON
  • Envirofresh Greenhouses, Courtright, ON
  • Innovation Industrial Park, London, ON
  • CPR Pretripping Facility, Toyota, Woodstock ON
  • First Gulf Commerce Industrial Park, Woodstock, ON
  • Greenfield Energy Centre, Courtright, ON
  • Proctor & Gamble Warehouse, Brantford, ON
  • Northwest Business Park, Brantford, ON
  • BP Canada Energy, Sarnia, ON
  • Ontario Power Generation, Courtright, ON

Heavy Equipment Rental

  • Cat D8T Bulldozer with ripper
  • Cat D8R Bulldozer with ripper
  • Cat D8R Bulldozer
  • Cat D6T Bulldozer with ripper
  • Cat D6R XW Bulldozer
    with 6-way blade & ripper
  • Cat D6N LGP Bulldozer
    with 6-way blade
  • Cat D6N Bulldozer
    with 6-way blade
  • Case 850 Bulldozer
    with 6-way blade & ripper
  • Cat 621 Motorscraper
  • Articulated 6-Wheel Truck
  • JD 872G Grader
  • Cat 336E Excavator
  • JD 245 Excavator
  • Volvo 170G Rubber Tire
  • Kubota KX057-4
    Compact Excavator
  • Cat 966G Rubber Tire Loader
  • Cat 420F Tractor/Backhoe
  • Kubota SVL75
    Compact Track Loader (Skidsteer)
  • John Deere 9300 Tractor
  • John Deere 9300
    Tractor & Water Wagon
  • John Deere 9300
    Tractor & Leveller
  • Cat 815F Sheepsfoot Compactor
  • 84″ Compactor
  • Mechanic & F650 Service Truck
  • Float — to move above listed equipment

*Global Positioning System (GPS) on bulldozers.


Residential Site Works

  • Wickerson Hills Subdivision, London, ON
  • Valley Estates Subdivision, Brantford, ON
  • Talbot Village Subdivision, London, ON
  • Fox Hollow Subdivision, London, ON
  • Clair Hills Subdivision, Waterloo, ON
  • Lake Margaret Subdivision, St. Thomas, ON

Storm Water Management Ponds

  • Bio-Amber Pond Excavation, Sarnia, ON
  • Pembina Pond Excavation, Sarnia, ON
  • New Channel Construction at Lynden Park, Brantford, ON

Wind Project Civil Works

  • Black and McDonald Limited, Goderich, ON
  • Borea, Kerwood/Adelaide, ON

Road Construction

  • London Hydro Access Roads, London, ON
  • Black Creek Bridge Replacement, Township of Enniskillen, ON
  • Oak Park Road, Brantford, ON

Landfill Cell Construction

  • St. Mary’s Landfill Expansion, St. Mary’s, ON
  • London Landfill Cell 6N, London, ON
  • Ridge Landfill, BFI Canada Inc., Blenheim, ON
  • Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill, Essex, ON
  • Stratford Landfill, Stratford, ON

Solar Farm Civil Works

  • PCL Constructors Canada Inc., Georgina, ON
  • PCL Constructors Canada Inc., Orillia, ON
  • Black and McDonald Limited, Belmont, ON
  • First Solar, Sombra ON
  • First Solar, Moore, ON
  • First Solar, Amherstburg, ON
  • First Solar, Tilbury, ON
  • First Solar, Sarnia ON
  • EHV Power, Simcoe, ON